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Bald Man Sings Rihanna

Sat 22nd May, 7:30pm


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Ever heard a bald man sing Rihanna? Scotsman Gary Sansome returns to Dunedin with his hit fringe stand up show.

As seen at the biggest comedy clubs in the world including Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC and Yuk Yuk’s in Toronto — ‘exceptionally funny’ (Mark Dolan of Balls of Steel) The Scottish baldy takes an irreverent look at music and popular culture in this hilarious, fun-packed show.

“Escapism of the highest order… superb crowd-work, improvisation and the largest amount of energy I have ever seen used on stage. An hour of pure entertainment and hilarity” “5-Stars” Bunbury Magazine.

Prince of the Psychiatric System

Sat 29 May, 7:30pm

Sun 30 May, 2:30pm


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Prince of the psychiatric system is a play based on a true character and played and produced by Maori with Lived experience who have all had at least 20 years or more experience in the New Zealand Mental Health System. However we have had to call on some professionals to fill roles that we were not able to do.

Some parts of the play are not true but included to add emphasis to the point of the play which is to highlight stigma and discrimination towards Maori with Lived Experience in the New Zealand Mental Health System. The play is about a dialogue taking place in a psychiatric hospital ward setting where DeArk is being treated for a mental illness. The illness includes paranoid schizophrenia, religious mania, sexual ideology, grandiose ideas, and delusional thinking.

The main characters are Pinocchio and DeArk. Pinocchio is an audible voice that DeArk can hear, but
cannot see. Pinocchio is trying to help DeArk see how he can overcome his struggles, and deal with the stigma and discrimination that he faces while being treated in a mental health facility, and out in the community.

DeArk today would be regarded as Tangata Whaiora (Maori with Lived experience) and should be regarded as Matakite/Tohunga Moemoea (a type of seer or prophet) and how the cultural aspect of DeArk’s journey in the mental health system can play a major part in recovery.

The strategy that Pinocchio uses isn’t the conventional way of treatment like psychotherapy, but it helps DeArk regain his composure, maintain his dignity, and lets DeArk see that he doesn’t need to be angry and abusive to achieve mental health and wellbeing but to the contrary, use his anger and violence in a constructive and helpful way.

The play also highlights the use of anti-psychotic medication and the dilemma Tangata Whaiora (Maori with Lived experience) and Tau Iwi (Pakeha) face while undergoing treatment for a mental

There is an invisible development that takes place in the play. DeArk’s mental state deteriorates as the years go by due to the combination and nature of the medicine, the ageing process, DeArk’s
mental illness, and DeArk’s mental attitude, which is what Pinocchio is trying to remedy with his approach.
Pinocchio goes where no psychiatrist or psychologist can go.

Written and Produced by Haki Davis.
Produced with the support of Mental Health Foundation, Like Minds, Like Mine, Te Kete Pounamu, and New Athenaeum Theatre.

Mihi Whakatau starts strictly at the showtime listed.

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